It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday, November 26, 2017
I'm doing my part to make biking work in NYC. #
I'd like to see a Sunday news show that never invited people from the following categories: members of Congress, people who work in the current administration, reporters who cover politics, celebrities with political opinions. There might be other exclusions. But I am fed up with all the self-serving lies. I couldn't bring myself to listen to a single political podcast this Sunday. #
I'd like to try What The Fox, a fictional web browser that reverses the strategies of Mozilla, Google and the EFF. For example, instead of complaining about HTTP sites, it would complain about HTTPS sites as being a silly waste of resources. Instead of making it virtually impossible to see the source of an RSS feed, it would make everything but RSS feeds virtually impossible to see the source of. Or maybe it would show the source of everything by default, and make it virtually impossible to see the rendered HTML. That might impact the usefulness of the web however, so should possibly be reconsidered.#

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