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Tuesday, November 28, 2017
New BingeWorthy feature. Now you can suggest a new program. It's very low-tech and the ultimate list that's rated is an editorial thing, it's curated. The docs are on the howto page. #
I added Continuum, Law & Order and The Punisher, per suggestions made through the new feature.#
Don Draper introduces the Carousel on Mad Men. #
A quick demo showing how increasing the limit on tweet size to 280 chars made a big difference in my blogging. These systems all interconnect, and when the limits are erased, good things happen. Watch the demo to see how.#
Why did the Kochs want to buy Time? Possibly because they saw Fox becoming Trump TV and buying CNN and Sinclair taking over local broadcasters. It's an insurance policy. They may need to have a way to speak that's independent of their competitors.#
We want to keep the rule of law, the Constitution, the norms established over 241 years of American continuity. We need to organize around this principle. People who used to be thought of as liberal are now conservatives. Let's start talking about organizing.#
Lots of trolls, not just O'Keefe, will take advantage of the #metoo movement. On the net you can't tell who's pulling the strings. It could be an abused woman, or it could be a political cause or Russian oligarchs. America has an exposed surface that's vulnerable to trolling. Gender is a huge wedge, and people who play on divisions will use this, are using this this, to reduce us, to get us to hurt ourselves. Keep your eyes and ears, and most important, your mind, open. #
Of course Trump works for Russia. There's the evidence of connections, meetings, emails, visits to Moscow by aides, and then there's the actions, such as the gutting of the State Dept. Why would a president, who was loyal to his country, do that? Has anyone asked? Doubtful. If it were asked, would there be an answer? Of course not. The answer is obvious according to the Occam News Service. Don was compromised in the 80s, and learned to love working for Russia. #
A review for my first product, ThinkTank, appeared in the NYT in 1983.#
JY Stervinou found the article in the NYT archive on the web. And a followup with the author of the review, Erik Sandberg-Diment, to see how his predictions turned out. #

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