It's even worse than it appears.
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Being President of the United States means something different now than it used to. If we survive Trump it won't snap back to what it was before. The next president will inherit a vastly different normal with different guardrails. It's good that The West Wing archive is around to preserve the idea of what the presidency used to be.#
How do the ancestry DNA products find relatives? Are they silos? Do you only find relatives who used the product you used?#
One thing's for sure all future presidents are going to have to razzle dazzle the electorate. No more boring campaign speeches, too many details, or too much truth. #
One of the news channels could be more fluid with personalities. I would like, for example, a half-hour at least once a week with David Frum, Julia Ioffe, Luis GutiƩrrez and Barney Frank. As the focus of news shifts, other experts are swapped in. Also Al Sharpton.#
JY found another Erik Sandberg-Diment review of one of my products, Ready!, which was a TSR outliner shipped in 1986. We were so busy with a growing company at the time, I probably saw the review when it came out, but I was in the middle of a tornado then. Not many memories. I remember the first review, of course, always will, because it was the one that made the startup actually start up.#
Idea for the WP or NYT: Hire a psychologist to report on Trump. Develop a profile, explain each tweet in context. I'm not in any way competent, but I suspect a lot of what he does and says is trying to win the approval and love of his father.#

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