It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday, November 30, 2017
Around this time every year, Michael Gartenberg looks for my famous latkes recipe, pretends he can't find it, so I do, and post it to my blog and to Twitter, and we're okay for another year. It's a ritual like Groundhog Day. #
Trickle down, illustrated.#
I wonder if Andrew Baron reads my blog. Last time I saw him was in Boulder a few years ago. I think about him whenever I end one of my posts with two very cool emoji that work well together. A rocket 🚀 followed by a boom 💥. This was the name of his videoblog, a pioneering effort, it was pretty famous in the early days of YouTube. It's so cool that those are the names of two emoji and they go so well together. 🚀 💥#

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