It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday, December 3, 2017
The Mueller investigation, esp when it's working, works in Trump's favor, in a perverse way. It lulls us into believing it's all going to be over maybe soon -- but we don't know what happens if Mueller presents an airtight case. It could be nothing happens.#
I keep saying this too: "It is utter denial is to keep repeating that Trump has been able to get little or nothing done. His Fed agencies have decimated this country."#
I'm tired of my AppleTV. What to get in its place? Amazon, Google, Roku, or a new AppleTV? The one I have is over five years old. And it's pretty sucky. What do you like?#
Based on ratings on BingeWorthy I started watching Rectify. It's the story of a man who is released from death row into a small Georgia town, and all the shit that happens. I liked the first season, but now I'm getting into the middle of the second, and it's more cringe worthy than binge worthy. What gives? Does it get better?? Also it's got one of the worst names ever. I figured by now I might know what it means, but noooo.#
Update: I've now finished season 2. It gets better. It's still fairly cringe worthy. But it's also a little thought provoking, pitiful and a teeny bit sexy. I'm going to start season 3. #
Like a lot of subscribers to the NY Times I got an email from Nicholas Kristof thanking me for giving them money. Just like the politicians. Someday they'll figure out that we have much more to contribute than money, but not yet.#

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