It's even worse than it appears.
Wednesday, December 6, 2017
I have a new app for you to try out. It's called English. It's an editor that runs in the browser that can create and edit a Markdown document in a GitHub repository. It's designed for editing docs and readmes, and to make it possible for less-technical writers to participate in GitHub-hosted open source projects. #
Update: I am now using English to edit the Readme file of the Scripting-News repo.#
Disclaimer: I know it is missing most of the features you'd want in an editor. I explained that in the readme. #
The point of real estate porn, if there is one, is to get all the enjoyment there is to be got from fantastic homes without having to pay for them, or live in them. #
A jaw-dropping tweet unlike any other I've ever seen.#
New technology is adopted bottom-up, never top-down. And of course the big mucky-mucks can't admit that. Which creates problems.#
This kind of document should be on a publicly-owned server.#

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