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Thursday, December 7, 2017
The server behind the English app is released. MIT license. It's good to have a simple example of an editor that uses the GitHub API. #
Braintrust query: I'm looking for a good website with ski area weather forecasts for the Rockies. Lots of sites have conditions at the ski areas. I want to know where the weather is. Mainly just a question of the storm track and what's coming. I suppose I could look at weather forecasts for each ski area, but that's pretty labor intensive. What I want is the overview. Any suggestions?#
Braintrust query: A list of all movies currently playing in NYC theaters. #
I am beginning to think we're seeing people exiting the dollar as the reserve currency. Wondering when the panic is going to start, or if it already has.#
Unfortunately we're going to have to watch Trump dentures at war with Trump brain many more times, bigly, but it's necessary to make America great again.#
Jonathan Chait points out that the press has never considered the claims of the Steele dossier credible. I have the opposite take. I think they're obviously true, are the simplest explanation of Trump's behavior. Trump goes to Moscow, flattered and bribed, gets in bed with Russians, it fits his lifestyle. I don't see why people don't believe it. #
An old joke. Human goes into doctor's office. Doctor says I have good news and bad news. Give me bad news first. You have cancer, you'll be dead in 2 weeks. Geez what's the good news? I just won the lottery! 💥#

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