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Thursday, December 14, 2017
I've wanted what BingeWorthy for Movies does for a long time, and especially for this time of year, when the Oscar-worthy movies come out, all at once, in December, with a final flourish with the ones the studios think are best on Christmas Day. Each year we have what's called the NakedJen Film Festival, to see how many movies we can watch on the big day. This idea was of course originated by NakedJen, in Santa Cruz, many years ago. I am a relatively recent convert. So we have to know which ones are the best. We've gone by very loose word of mouth, and reviewers' opinions. I always wanted to find a way to involve my blogging community. Hence BingeWorthy for Movies. 🚀#
I finished The Crown season 2 last night. Very nice. It's a little confusing as new characters are introduced without explanation. Feels like it's just getting started. So many characters to develop yet. And the Queen herself. Her majesty Claire Foy is just amazing, and the queen's husband, played by Matt Smith, is revealed to be complex as well. I love this show. Almost ready to give it a 5. #
Does Fox News tell their viewers that the Repubs lost the Alabama senate seat?#
There might be a silver lining to the end of net neutrality. A hacker culture might emerge, as it did in the early days of the PC. the Mac and the web. We are stagnant now in tech. BigCo's control everything. More limits on the official net might force new channels to develop. #
I'm always looking for people I can work with on news projects. Like David Beard. He's leading a project to make a news river for news people. I'm just providing the technical assistance, as needed. It's running pretty smoothly, I'm happy to report. 🎈#
A notepad for me to write little stuff in GitHub as I do in other writing environments. Key is that it's super easy for me to post and edit notes from my desktop. Just write and Save. Here's a screen shot.#

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