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Wednesday, December 20, 2017
The speeches Repubs made today about Trump remind me of the speeches Iraqi members of the Ba'ath Party made about Saddam Hussein in 1979. He was having delegates taken out for execution. They were basically pleading for their own lives, with praise for Saddam. We may all be asked to make speeches like that in the near future.#
I wanted to be a media hacker since I was a teenager. Seeing blogging and RSS explode in the last decade, and podcasting in this decade, is an enormous source of pride for me. A feeling that money can't buy. #
I see #metoo as a civil rights movement. As is #blacklivesmatter. I'm neither a woman nor black, but I care because I believe in America, and equal protection is one of the basic principles of this country.#
I'm trying out another pair of (for me at least) high-end headphones, Sony WH100XM2. I really like these, esp the app that configures the set. I'm charging it up now, then I'll go out and try them in the real world. One thing -- they're lighter on the head than the Bowers & Wilkins PX, which I decided to keep. The sound was the reason. Really rich and deep and powerful. I've never owned headphones that can do this. Consistent with my motto, if the world is going to end, I might as well have some nice headphones. #
Update: They're very nice. Worth the price. #
Sony's instructions are wordless. At first glance I thought I'll never figure this out, but they are instantly understandable. This is even better than well-written docs. Good work.#
What's going on in Puerto Rico is also a pretty good clue about how much responsibility there is in the current government. #
The new Republican tax law is simple looting of the US Treasury. Openly corrupt. Self-dealing. Perhaps a few of them care what people think, a reflex, but on the whole they don't care because there's more to come. New election laws and executive orders. Starting in 2018. With controls on speech on the net, so we won't be able to tell each other what's happening. It's all pretty easy to do, if they have the will, and what we're finding out now is that they do. Still, so much dreaming about the rule of law still applying. We won't know if it does until we need it, really need it. I suspect it won't be there. #

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