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Friday, December 29, 2017
A small technical change in the way Scripting News is generated. There are two kinds of posts, singular items, and titled items. This post is a singular item. Both kinds appear on the home page and on the archive pages. But now titled items also appear on their own pages. For example, here's a titled item from earlier today on its own page. And here's the archive page for today. You may, in some RSS readers, see all the titled items from the month of December repeated, because their permalinks have changed. #
I started watching the Netflix series Travelers and I liked the first couple of episodes, but now four episodes into season 1 they seem to have run out of ideas. I'm looking for bingeable entertainment. I think I've watched all the good stuff.#
It's disgusting the way Repubs attacked NY and Calif with their tax plan. An idea for a counter-attack: tax all income over $1 million at 100 percent, and accompany it with a statement. We will restore the tax to what it was when the Repubs undo their attack. That would get a conversation going between the rich folk who own the rest of us. What would NY/Calif do with the money? Pay its citizens to move to Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, etc. And vote. It wouldn't take many expat NYers to turn those states blue. I know it's a hardship, that's why they have to be paid, well, for their sacrifice. Like the bonus people get for giving up their seats on overbooked flights.#
Napster, one of the most culturally significant inventions, doesn't get enough credit imho. It's when the dam broke, when music programming became something we can do for ourselves. It's hard to remember how it used to work, we were so controlled by the scarcity of music. After Napster, we assume we can listen to anything we want.#

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