It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday, December 31, 2017
Source of a frustrating bug. Properly use try/catch to catch all errors, even in brand-new code. Fail to report an error in one branch. Forget to require the fs package. But the error is inside the try, so the runtime doesn't trip an error either. Have the debugger not go into the code that has the error for some reason I won't try to determine. 1 hour later, unwind the mess. 💥#
From a thread on Facebook. "Boulder is great, but Denver can't be bad, it's Just that Boulder is relatively small, easy to grasp, like one of the towns on the peninsula in the Bay Area. I also like Santa Fe and Taos. Beautiful houses, low cost. Skiing right there. And New Hampshire and the Berkshires. I like places that have legal cannabis, says something about the voters even if you don't partake. But I couldn't live in Calif again, feels soulless to me. Not homey."#
I venture to say no one has more experience with platforms than I have. Over the years I've never seen a vendor really try to tap into the power of independent developers. Everyone makes a first try, hit the same wall and bounce off it in predictable ways, usually giving up on getting much power from developers. So many examples. There's an art for compensating developers and choosing the ones you're going to work with. Yes you will piss people off. I imagine in Hollywood when they cast a movie the people who aren't chosen are pissed. But that doesn't stop them from making movies. There's a way to do it, and the vendor that gets it right will enjoy longevity and huge PE ratio. #
Developers, here's how I suggest you think about the Twitter API. Pretend that up until 2018, Twitter didn't have an API. On January 1, there's an announcement. Twitter now has an API. Forget about the history. It's a fucking gift I tell you. Really works. I love building on it. #

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