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Tuesday, January 2, 2018
If you're tempted by Apple's podcast stats, beware, once you're locked in there, it's going to be hard to get out. Don't give up your independence for stats. "There is a difference between riding in the car and being stuffed in the trunk," said a wise man once.#
As you may know I've been searching for a show to binge, settled on Travelers, and I pretty much hate it, in the middle of season 2. It's taking the place of watching Law & Order reruns, a show I can space out while reading on my iPad or thinking about stuff. But in my search for something to involve my mind, I stumbled across Martin Scorcese's documentary about the Grateful Dead. I got through the first episode, and loved it. And it ended on such a high note. It isn't about creating a massive work to be remembered by, Jerry totally saw through that. Anything you leave behind is bullshit. Just have fun, and you're achieving life's purpose. Made me wish Jerry were running the world instead of the orange blob sitting in the Oval.#
Twitter needs AI so that all mention of DJT's tweets can be (optionally) filtered out of a user's timeline. I have the president blocked, so I can't see his tweets. I would like to also block tweets about his tweets.#

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