It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Five years. Between 1994 and 1999, there was a brief period when the web was truly open. There was no one who could veto you. No one who, if they took offense to what you said or did, could knock you off the net. There were people who tried. That made it dramatic. But there was blue sky everywhere. Now the web is divided into silos controlled by big companies. A little bit of light shows through between the cracks. I keep hoping that one crack will open into a new world that's open where we can play where we have users to serve, and competitors to compete with. I go from slightly optimistic to get-a-clue-Dave-it-ain't-happening. #
Another possible River5 problem. For the last two days the NYT Daily podcast hasn't shown up on I was willing to write it off as a one-time glitch yesterday, but when it happened again today, I'm starting to get concerned. Here's the feedvalidator link to the feed. As you can see it's saying it's not valid, but I also fed it through my own feed debugger, which exactly mimicks what River5 does with feeds, and it seems okay with it. I'm starting a thread for this. #
I'm sure people don't get why I keep saying people should use the web. It's selfish, I admit it. I want to be able to make tools for you. And to connect your ideas with others. If you do it inside a silo, only the employees of the silo can help. I can't, unless you use the web.#
What's really killing us, not just our country, is this idea that we're all in it for ourselves. To feed our families. It's a dream, from evolution. It's no longer a survival trait. The only way we survive is if we see our fates as intertwined, co-dependent. That's reality.#

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