It's even worse than it appears.
Friday, January 26, 2018
Brent got an eviction notice of sorts from Apple News. #
Repubs are desperate. They're going to jail unless they blow it all up.#
Thought of a BitCoin-like game, maybe like Fallout Shelter. You do things to mine new coins, and keep the ledgers balanced. The cute thing is that it's real. The profits would go to the developer of course.#
Schumer may have made a tactical mistake. Now the Repubs can say that Dems blocked citizenship for Dreamers. Better to make a counter-proposal with no funding for the wall and without the other stuff.#
When I was in college a second cousin who was in his 40s would tease me about my supposed sexual conquests. I wasn't nearly as prolific as he imagined. And he was being funny, I knew that, but it was also mildly irritating. Male bonding. Now I find myself tempted to do it to my younger compadres. But so far, mostly, I've resisted. 💥#

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