It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday, February 8, 2018
If HTTPS is a such great idea, there's no need to force anyone to use it, it should sell itself. #
I chose to write software and create content for the web because there was no platform vendor who could break my software or writing. Even if HTTPS was a great idea, and worth the investment, if there was a company trying to force me to use it, I would resist. I'd rather let my software and writing disappear than submit to another corporate platform vendor. I was finished with that a long time ago. So as long as you can read Scripting News you know that the web is still basically an open and uncontrolled platform. The day you can't, you know it isn't (or Amazon S3 might be down, that's always a possibility).#
I can even show you the moment I made the choice to write software and content for the open web. And it's also a demo of the power of the web. I can show you something I was thinking in 1994. It's going to be there as long as I pay the bills, no matter what Google does to cripple its browser. Clearly my work has no value to Google, Mozilla and the EFF. But that's not the same as it having no value. 💥#
The openness of the open web is as important to free speech as the First Amendment. But we don't have the legal protection of the Constitution to keep the web open.#

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