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Thursday, February 15, 2018
I'm going through stuff from my mom's house. For example, here's an invitation to my parents' wedding on Christmas Day 1953 at the Park Lane Hotel in NYC. Interestingly it's not far from where I live today. Of course I wasn't even a twinkle in my father's eye at the time (I was born in 1955). By posting it here I hope to be able to find it in the future. BTW, my grandfather's name is listed on the invite as "Rubin" but no one called him that. He was Rudy and was the superstar celebrity of the family. My grandmother, Lucy, was the real power. I bought a domain to commemorate him, appropriately named #
BTW, I think of it as "my mom's house" but in fact it's the house I grew up in. Weird how perceptions change. Until 2009 it was "my parents' house" and until 1976 it was "my house."#
A ThinkTank ad that ran full page in PC Week some time in 1985. There's no date on the ad, or on the article on the other side of the page. The ad looks a lot better than the scan. And the fine print didn't make it on the scan, so I did another scan with just that info. My signature, in 1985, had a lot of detail that's since been lost. Back then I did a lot more writing, so my handwriting was more important than it is now, where all my writing is done on a keyboard, and has been for decades. Also years of being a CEO and having to sign stacks of things did a number on my signature too. #
Stop. It's not about specific gun laws. The problem is the NRA. Make it unacceptable for a politician to take money from the NRA. Then, and only then, can the political discussion of mass-killing guns start to become rational. #

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