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Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Drag and drop doesn't need a target. If you want an app to handle drag and drop, if it can do things other than edit files, just be willing to accept a drop anywhere in the window. When the user lets up, confirm that's what they intended to do. Prior art is Google's image search page. #
Re the NRA. Dick's Sporting Goods is no longer selling assault rifles. And won't sell guns to people under 21. This is a huge deal. We need more like this. But -- trying to get Roku to drop NRA TV, that's not only not useful, it's very very very bad. The First Amendment is super important, as is The Golden Rule. Speech is a good thing, even if you detest what they're saying. And discounts to NRA members? Please that's harmless. NRA members are not the problem. Go to the source. Picket gun stores until they follow DSG's lead. That will save lives. Measure success for now as stopping sales of new weapons of war. #
Google is famous for its AI and machine learning. With that in mind, how much trouble would it be for Google to determine that Little Card Editor never asks for a credit card number, and they can stop lying to users saying that it might.#
Bottom line, things that are free are not safe. You have to use your mind at all times when using the web (or Gmail for that matter). Google can if they want make a browser that's like Disneyland. But to try to turn the open web into Disneyland, that's a travesty.#
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