It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday, April 26, 2018
BTW, since Frontier is the topic du jour, if I could wish for one new feature, a big one, I'd like to have JavaScript integrated as a fully co-equal language to UserTalk. I'd like it to be a special version of JavaScript, that has synchronous versions of code that does various net-related things, most important, a verb that makes an HTTP call and returns what's at the specified address. Without that it isn't much of a scripting language. I'd start with the codebase that Ted has been working on (see Frontier love, below).#
I don’t support net neutrality until it’s supported at all levels. The way it’s framed now, we’re giving control to Google, Facebook, Apple over ISPs. I don’t see any reason users should take a side in that fight since they’re all fighting over who gets to screw us. 😲 #
Sam Yates: "When Google starts lobbying for 'ad network neutrality' and Facebook for 'social graph neutrality' then I will be impressed."#

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