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Friday, May 4, 2018
Every time Trump gives a speech (like today at the NRA) either Michelle Wolf or the Parkland kids should speak at a raucous rally, at the same time, competing for cable news coverage. Let's push the president's BS off the air by good, fun and truthful counter-programming. #
Poll: Do you think Jeffrey Tambor is guilty of sexual harassment and should have been fired from Transparent? #
Watched NBA playoffs while flying cross country and tweeting about it.#
I'm watching Wild Wild Country on Netflix. I'm through the first two episodes. I knew a few people who were at Rajneeshpuram in my massage school days. I wish I had asked them more about what it was like there. It's a really good story so far. #
I can't get this song out of my head. No problem. I love this song! ❤️#
My mom was a quilter, so I inherited a bunch of her quilts ones she made over many decades. There is a philosophy to quilting, which I observe as an outsider. The work is done very much with the idea of creating a legacy. I have a friend, Sheila, in Seattle who is a quilter. I wanted her to have one of Eve's quilts, even though they had never met. I thought of this because she posted a picture of her latest quilt on Faceboo. We hooked up in Seattle this week, talked about parents, and of course quilting. I don't know much about quilting, but I find it fascinating. Anyway, I just rolled over the archive for this blog, saving an OPML file of the writing I did in April, along with all the other months. In a way my blog archive is like mom's quilt collection. A hope to pass something into the future saying this is who I was.#
Here's a quilt Eve did of the ThinkTank logo.#
In hindsight, I realize we should have done a video walkthrough of mom's house as it was when she left us. Exactly as it was. Now it is staged for sale, all the personal stuff is out. It's a house transitioning to be a new family's house. It was our family house for over 50 years. I didn't think of it because at the time, the way the house was set up was the most normal thing. I never thought that it was an archive of lives that were now over, that it was about to disappear. I mention this so if you end up being the one to close up shop on a family house, take a good video snapshot before you start taking it apart. #

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