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Thursday, May 17, 2018
This podcast tells how a fake story on Facebook started a religious war in Sri Lanka. When I listened to it I realized this is the way the net will end. Sooner than I thought. You should listen to this. #
Google didn’t prepare for the obvious questions because the tech press never asks any. The kinds of questions they get are like “How great are you?” Keep going. There are lots of unreported stories. Big ones.#
When they write about Engelbart’s accomplishments they leave out the one he thought was most significant — outlines. Computers are great for augmenting human intellect. Of all the things I've developed, the one with the greatest value is outline software. Idea processors. Incredibly useful tools. The intersection of machine and brain architecture. Engelbart, a brilliant explorer of technology, found his way to this place. I did too, independently, a few years later. We were introduced by Ted Nelson. When they write the history of this period of tech development, I'm pretty sure it'll be the outliners they will be writing about. #
Five minute podcast about Laurel and Yanny, obsessing about the NYT page that lets you tweek it endlessly back and forth between the two. What does it all mean? Something. Nothing. Drives me crazy. 😜#
When people are enjoying a BBQ in the park, and the cops are called because of their skin color, let's flood the park with BBQ-loving people of all colors. Stand with our fellow Americans.#
Darius Kazemi, re changes to Twitter API: "The real losers here are apps that need to real-time monitor a feed of Tweets, mostly 3rd-party Twitter clients."#
Two-factor authentication is based on the assumption that you control your phone. But phones are easy to hijack. #

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