It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday, June 3, 2018
After self-driving cars comes artificial passengers. They’ll take the trip for you in the self-driving car. After that the car will do that part too.#
It seems more certain that Microsoft has acquired GitHub as of this Bloomberg report. #
I know this is the new compassionate loving Microsoft, but it's still the tech industry, and Microsoft invented Embrace and Extend. It's hard to imagine that not being in the playbook for the hub of git. 💥#
One consequence of this deal, if it's for real, is that Microsoft's competitors will probably stop using GitHub and may launch competitors, esp if GitHub integrates with Microsoft's cloud services. #
I tuned in to Face the Nation in time for the "political" discussion. They must have said five times how the president's lunacy may have worked in getting a better deal from Kim Jong Un. That was just one of the many ridiculous things they said.#

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