It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday, June 7, 2018
Quick demo of the difference between JSON and XML-RPC.#
I'm surprised there aren't Twitter-based pyramid schemes. Multi-level tweets. You get $1 for RTing, and 5 cents for every follower who RTs, a cent for the next level, and so on. And just about now someone is thinking -- Blockchain! 💡#
There ought to be a class in Advanced Computer Literacy for comp sci majors. In this class, you'd download malware, document and debug it, and make mods, use it to attack a real server (one operated by the TA, of course). You will also do tech support. This may sound counter-intuitive, you've just completed eight semesters in OS and compiler design. You've mastered the internals of databases and studied the mathematics of algorithms. What could you possibly learn from tech support and studying malware? Exactly. You have no idea. It's amazing what doors open when you understand what you do from the perspectives that make or break you as a software developer and designer. #

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