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Saturday, June 9, 2018
One of the things I'm learning is that there is are problems with date-time values in XML-RPC. The question is whether or not the date part of the date-time should have hyphens. The Frontier implementation does not. The XML-RPC spec says not. But ISO 8601 seems to say they must be present. The built-in JavaScript function includes the hyphens. I don't have any other implementations that I can easily check against, so I don't know what offers the most interop with other XML-RPCs. For now I'm documenting the issue, and leaving the JavaScript implementation as it is, for now. This means in this area it does not interop with Frontier, in that Frontier will not understand the JavaScript date-time values. Going in the other direction there is no problem, because I've included a workaround. # The contents of the XML-RPC directory from the early 2000s, served through current software, edited with the newest tools. It's preserved here as a historical document.#
Next up: I'm going to write the validator handlers in JavaScript so I can test my implementation. And perhaps others can test theirs. (It was a good idea. Just found a bug in my implementation. <struct>s can be empty. My server was throwing an error on an empty struct.)#
All this XML-RPC spelunking is like searching through your garage and finding an old car buried amid the junk, and when you put the key in the ignition the engine starts. #

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