It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Poll: Who are the vermin infesting our country?#
My Italy trip is winding down. Tomorrow I fly back to JFK from Milan. Had a wonderful time, starting at #SoTN18 in Trieste and visiting all kinds of interesting people here in Torino, especially Anna Masera, Raffaele Angius and Alessandro Cappai. #
This is the song we've been singing this week in Torino. It's the song at the end of Killing Them Softly, a movie we believe is profound. #
The Democrats should have a press spokesperson like Sarah Huckabee Sanders to correct the Trump lies. Daily press briefings. Not always in response to Trump. But never let a Trump lie about Democrats go unresponded-to. #
Another idea I learned from Italians at dinner last night about how the press dealt with Berlusconi. Don't carry any news about him until he answers basic questions. With Trump that would start with his tax returns.#

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