It's even worse than it appears.
Wednesday, June 20, 2018
I'm on my way home, waiting for my flight at Milan's airport. I've been through security and passport control, stood in a bunch of lines, and got a good look at the people in line with me, who come from places you don't often see in lines at American airports. Lots of babies, toddlers and children, along with their parents, all with brown skin. I wondered how they would be treated in my country. Not as well as I would like. #
People flying to two countries need to go through special security -- Israel and the US. I don't remember this from the last time I was in this airport a few years ago. #
It's going to be a while before I get home, to midtown Manhattan, a very different place from where I'm at now. #
One thing an American traveling in Europe notices is how everything here is first class compared to how it is at home. The subways are clean. People dress well, and are generally polite. There are exceptions, the man standing behind me in line yelling into my ear and his phone at the same time, I finally let him pass me so I could enjoy my own thoughts. There's a little justice in this because I offended a British gentleman at breakfast this morning by speaking loudly while we were eating breakfast. I wish he had told me in a more considerate way, he left me muttering asshole under my breath. I am an American, and I guess no matter where we go, we speak loudly. #

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