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Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Podcast: Why I say no to Google. #
I updated for the new Twitter constraints. Tested. #
I also updated Little Card Editor. It now works as before.#
Previous header graphic was a picture of a white plant, and the new picture is Sheep Meadow in Central Park, with a view of buildings on Central Park West on a sunny summer day (today). The white plant is called Dusty Miller, btw. Here's the full-size Sheep Meadow picture. #
Are any Republicans who were at the RNC in 2016 who would now like to apologize for what they said should be done to the Democratic candidate? Now would be a good time to stand up.#
When I went to the DNC in Denver in 2008, every time we entered or left the facility we had to walk a gauntlet of abortion protestors. Graphic images, and loud obnoxious people. I guessed at the time this was a compromise, that the protestors wanted to do more, but were restrained by courts and police. #
Dems should make a deal with the Repubs. Every Repub who chanted Lock Her Up apologizes, and then we'll ask Maxine Waters to chill.#
You do know we're living in a parody, a dark comedy in which a mob boss with fascist leanings accidentally gets elected president. As they say, hilarity ensues. Sort of like Hogan's Heroes meets The Sopranos. #
Three years ago: "Social media is a moral parade. All we've done is give voice to stupid."#
I'm not usually up this early so I tuned in to Morning Joe. Interestingly I had seen the SNL parody of it, it's been many years since I've seen the original, and OMG the show is a great parody of the parody. It's so good. Here's the original SNL parody. #
I'm fascinated by the plump Nazi women who show up as memes, esp the ones with phones. The latest calls the cops on an 8-year-old girl selling water in front of her house. Her name is Boo. (Update: She was forced to resign from the cannabis business she founded.) But the most interesting of all is the original, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. In there beats the heart of a human being, I'm sure, but it's so well hidden by the venemous bile. Basically I have a thing for largeish authoritarian women who lie. #

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