It's even worse than it appears.
Wednesday, June 27, 2018
I made a few small improvements to the modal image dialog on this blog. Now if the anchor tag linking to the image has a title attribute, that is displayed in the lower left corner of the dialog. At first I thought it should be at the top, but that's not the role that titles play in anchors. It's a parenthetical comment. #
Suppose a major news org were to launch a Twitter-like service. Somehow the reporters would use the platform to create a new kind of news. A tight relationship with the software designers. Journalists excited about changing how reporting works. Sources empowered in new ways.#
I am so encouraged that a clear-thinking, principled and courageous young person has emerged from my home town, from Queens and the Bronx, where I am from and is going to Congress. Just 28 years old, what an optimistic sign for our future. #
Yesterday I suggested it's time for a general strike in the US. But why just the US? Let's shut down the world economy for a few days to register our total rejection of the path the US govt is on. A good time: When Trump meets with Putin.#
One day we will win again.#

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