It's even worse than it appears.
Friday, June 29, 2018
Poll: Rumor has it that James Dolan is getting ready to sell the Knicks. Incredible news. Now who should buy the team?#
Sometimes I invest in companies I dislike. If they win, at least I made some money. If they lose, well that's its own reward.#
Sometimes I think Twitter is like the Wailing Wall.#
I love the @ArtPicsChannel feed on Twitter, and wondered what it would be like to see the art outside of the chaos of Twitter. The result is an app, and here's a demo. Haven't released the app yet, but plan to. #
Jon Stewart appeared on Colbert. It seemed for a moment he was going to go all the way, to go back to the old Stewart, but he backed off. I don't think it matters whether we agree with Trump or not. We have to join together and share the same fate. As long as our most visible leaders try to hold on to what they have, we will keep losing. #
Idea: 100K people move to Maine and Alaska, and start working for Democrats to replace Collins and Murkowski, but promise to switch if they take a hard line in support of Roe v Wade. Maine has a population of 1.4 million, Alaska has 739K. This is the weakness of the Republican Party in the Senate and the Electoral College. Move a few million people around the country and the advantage switches to the Democrats. #

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