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Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Art Show now fades out and back in on picture switches.#
I love the NBA, and this is by far the best part of the season which is an interesting statement, because the NBA isn't playing basketball right now. They're playing power and money. The money is huge and the power is shifting. The Lakers get LeBron because of Magic, Kobe, Shaq, Kareem, Wilt, Jerry, Phil and Pat et al. And Golden State gets Cousins because they can. So many interesting conversations to be had. I've heard it said that the East is now a backwater, but wait until a western star realizes they can play a completely different game in the East. Free agency isn't over yet for 2018. And I can't wait to see Philadelphia and Boston compete, and somehow hope the Knicks get into it, but so far, not. #
Tech, journalism, politics and the people. They are everything, and the same thing.#
I asked a couple of questions on Twitter about and Tumblr, two blog hosting sites that seem like they might allow authors freedom to move. What you want is the same freedom you get from an email service -- when its time to move, you can forward all requests to the new service. I've posted the same questions in the issues section of the repo for this blog. Turns out it isn't that simple, and while WordPress claims to do it, at least one of their users says they don't. This is worth exploring. #
Did you know you can download the source for Scripting News in OPML? Every month I refresh the archive in my GitHub repository. I started doing this when I switched to the new blogging software in May 2017. Here's the OPML for last month. #
A spontaneous Twitter thread, late at night, Eastern time in North America. They're just waking up now in Europe. I'm tweeting and reading, watching Rachel on the second monitor, also watching Art Show.#

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