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Wednesday, July 25, 2018
There ought to be a social network called Happy Hour. In order to get in you have to take a breathalyzer to prove that you're legally drunk. Obviously nothing you say there counts.#
I made a small probably insignificant change to the RSS feed. If you see any problems, please report them here. #
This is a test post. I don’t care how you got to the party. Whether you took the subway, walked, came by spaceship or were driven by your chauffeur. What’s important is you’re here. Now let’s party! 🚀#
I was reviewing some old podcasts, and came across one from 2007. I was talking about Google Toolbar and a conversation I had with Marissa Mayer. I didn't remember the controversy, but was able to piece it together from listening to the podcast and reading old blog posts. It was a really evil thing. They changed links in HTML pages in Firefox (this predates Chrome) to point to Google's sites. It came pre-installed in Firefox. This was Google eleven years ago. Obviously that attempt to hijack the web didn't work. But this time they're coming back with their own browser, and are doing it slowly. But I don't doubt for a minute the idea is to go all the way, to make the web as much Google's as Facebook's world is Facebook's (I know that sounds weird). #
A friend sent a pointer to Assembly, which is a demoscene. I had heard about these, and filed it away as something to be puzzled about. Do I know anyone who is going to this event?#
Good morning HTTP fans. I still haven't gotten the new version of Chrome here so I don't have to look at their defacement of my blog and other sites, yet. I read in the CNET story (warning self-playing video) earlier in the week that Firefox isn't labeling HTTP-standard sites as evil incarnate. Is this true? Is it something they are perhaps willing to commit to? If so, I will probably switch to Firefox. I have some other ideas, like moving off the web and providing my blog in an Electron app, far away from Google's ability to push me around (hah, Electron is built on Chrome, I wonder how independent it really is). Anyway, If anyone knows what Firefox's plan is, please post a note here. Or any other browser that accepts the web as TBL defined it. Warning: I may have to delete the thread because posts like this tend to draw trolls. You know who you are. Restrain yourself! 💥#

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