It's even worse than it appears.
Friday, July 27, 2018
When Twitter bans a user because it's a Russian troll trying to divide the American electorate, it would be useful to see what they were posting.#
Civilization builds in layers over generations. We leave our innovations to future generations to build on and maintain. In Manhattan we're building 100-plus story apartment houses. The people who build them know how to build them, but don't understand how they work. Same is true of the military, medicine, transport, energy, the arts. The resources of nature remain constant or diminish. Humans have the same basic design. The problems we deal with get bigger every generation, until at some point we will (it seems) reach a problem we can't deal with. When I was young we believed we had already reached the end with nuclear weapons. At some point something has to change, in a big way, or so it seems. #

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