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Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Video: A demo of how the new version of LO2 is coming along.#
You can see in this image when Facebook turned off the cross-posting API. It's a screen shot of Radio3 -- the tool I use for linkblogging. It's amazing this has gotten almost no coverage in the press. It's like a tunnel under the Hudson was terminated, where FB is New Jersey and everything else is Manhattan (or vice versa, it doesn't matter). Only this TechCrunch story. Update: And a story on ProgrammableWeb. #
A big downside of ceding economic leadership to China is that their norms of freedom will become the norms of the world. Once Google's search engine censors access to the net in China, it's just a matter of time before they do it in the west too.#
When I moved to California from Madison in 1979, I put together a brochure, in a manner of speaking, about the work I had been doing on an integrated outliner and database that I build into the UCSD P-System running on top of CP/M on a Cromemco machine. I called the product HighFiles, for high level file system. That's how I thought of it. We found a copy of this document in my mom's house back in February. Finally got around to scanning it. It's a time capsule. Some ideas I didn't think I had that early, and some absolute SMH things, which I'm now putting on the record. I was only 24 back in 1979. 💥#
I also uploaded the HighFiles PDF to the Scripting News repo.#
Interesting thread on icons for hoisting and dehoisting. #
Monthly ritual complete. Posts for July, in OPML, archived.#

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