It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Making good progress testing the new version of Little Outliner. #
This idea needs to get to the right people. Don't just like it, RT it. We can win this thing but we have to be smarter.#
Unforeseen consequences. It's not at all surprising that when a tech company hijacks an incomprehensibly huge, world wide platform that's been growing uncontrollably for 25 years, they might overlook some huge applications thereof, and in plotting a transition break the installed base. It's completely foreseeable. Which is why we don't let private companies hijack public resources if we have our heads screwed on straight, which we clearly do not. 💥#
This is a picture of my dear departed Uncle Vava taken in my parents' house in Flushing, in the early 70s probably. He's the only person in my family who would have posed for a picture that way. #
I ❤️ Silent Movie GIFs.#

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