It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday, September 4, 2018
Updated: How I archive Scripting News. I’ve been backing up my blog to a GitHub repository for the last year. The idea is that the content of my blog should exist even if were to disappear. The process is now documented, hoping to leave clues for future historians.#
If Evernote had built on open formats and protocols, now, as the company is failing, the users’ data would remain usable.#
I like what Nike did by using Colin Kaepernick as a model. I think this is possibly a cleansing process. It'll force people to look at what exactly it is they're against. Whether Kaepernick might be a patriot and not a pariah.#
OK, this is one form of screen-shot RT I actually support.#
Every voter in the US should listen to last night's Maddow re the Kavanaugh nomination.#
I unfollow people who RT the troll. That includes people who paste screen shots on Facebook. Remember trolls die in darkness. #

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