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Wednesday, September 5, 2018
John Gruber says what we're thinking. Why, if you can't map a domain to your site on Medium, would you use it to host a blog. Rafat Ali, another longtime blogger, says once Medium shuts down there should be an ethical replacement. I wonder why they can't co-exist, and then answer my own question. The problem isn't cost, or the tech -- it's users. Medium has momentum, still, as the place-of-record for web writing, much as YouTube is it for video. It's a shaky foundation. No business model, huge money already invested. Not a good situation.#
Here's a conundrum. This appeared in my Twitter timeline. It's from @potus. I must have followed that account when Obama was president. Now Trump is using it. 24 million followers. Do I have to block it? What about the next president? For now I'll just unfollow, but it might have to be blocked, if he uses it in a more troll-like fashion. #
I think there's a place for a simple RSS-based Instagram clone. Subscribe as in an RSS reader, with the URL of a feed. It displays items with <enclosure>s that are images. Wouldn't have as many users as IG, but IG was fun before it had so many users.#
opmlToGitHub is a new demo app that reads an OPML file, converts it to Markdown and uploads it to GitHub. I think outliners are a great way to write readme files, that's how I've always done it. I just added this feature to my nightly archive app, and created this little demo app as a byproduct. It contains a fair amount of code that might prove useful in other apps. MIT license. ✓#
I'm using GitHub more and more as a platform. Part of the reason is that it was on my path. My GitHub code has been maturing, and my project to get more future-safe is progressing. But I am aware that it's now owned by Microsoft. I wonder if they see GitHub in a compatible way to how I'm using it? That's something you have to worry about when building on a corporate platform. #
Continuing to scrub my Twitter feed of troll RTers. A few every day. When will people figure out that RTing a troll just gives them power.#

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