It's even worse than it appears.
Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Short Twitter thread. 1. Saving the web and saving democracy are related projects. 2. I guess why save democracy has a simpler explanation than why save the web. 3. The founders would have understood it. Every colonial town had a commons. The web is that for us in 2018.#
One idea pundits and politicos have trouble with is the difference between voters and parties. When Susan Collins blames Democrats for the campaign against her, she's missing that it's voters doing it, not the other party. A big difference. It's like fighting the Viet Cong when you think you're fighting the army of North Vietnam. It's what they call an asymmetric war. The people can probably bring down one senator if we really focus on it. We should do just that to open the eyes of the press and the politicos.#

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