It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday, September 23, 2018
I want a user-owned browser. One that's free of the tech industry. Chrome was good when Firefox got slow and unfocused. And Firefox was good when MSIE was malware-infested and stagnant. But none of them were or are user-driven. We can't have a healthy web w/o a good browser.#
I assumed the backlog on the Tesla Model 3 was longer than 4 weeks. #
The NYT report on Rosenstein is as disturbing as Comey’s October surprise in 2016 re Hillary’s emails.#
I don't see the point of polling for ordinary people. I get why political consultants and candidates would care. Even donors. But why should a voter care? I can't imagine ever making a decision on who to vote for based on poll results.#

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