It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday, September 25, 2018
I like what happened with Better Call Saul last night. A real curveball. The creation story of Saul Goodman took a surprising and sexy/interesting turn. I wish there were a site where I could write all about it. #
Jerry Brown: β€œWe are sleepwalking in a very dangerous era, when split-second decisions can kill hundreds of millions of people and people don’t seem to give a damn β€” or even know about it.”#
A tragic situation, the picture captures it perfectly. Noah's career is disintegrating. He could probably play again if he gave the Knicks a discount on what's left in his contract. For now they can blame it on the old management. If it were only about money he'd be smiling. 😒 #
Poll: Why do you tweet?#
Young men who are virgins always lie about their virginity.#
John Oliver may have written the epitaph of Facebook. Most of what you read on Facebook is bullshit. So maybe connecting with all those people just creates new ways for bullshit to flow and aggregate, leading to some really awful stuff happening, as we have seen. If you're short on time, skip to the end and watch their honest commercial for Facebook. It's really good, funny, and thought provoking. #
A rare occasion Trump comes off as a human being. #

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