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Monday, October 1, 2018
The Scripting News OPML file for September 2018.#
Collins, Flake and Murkowski should become Democrats. Take the suspense out of Election Day.#
I remember listening to a NYT podcast a few weeks ago where they said Kavanaugh's confirmation was locked in. "Not sports fans," I said to myself. "Nor do they remember the 2016 election."#
I listened to today's Daily podcast. Very good. Not listening to victims of abuse is an American tradition. As I've said in two recent pieces, abuse is the context of our civilization. It's everywhere. In homes and schools, offices, Congress, and you can be sure this isn't the first time a Supreme Court nominee has been a rapist (assuming he did it, which I do). We all have to learn how to listen. But getting some to listen is a start. #
One of the things that makes GitHub a good candidate for an object database for a CMS is that it can store all kinds of data, including code. In fact, it's original design is for storing code, all the other data types were extra. #
It would be interesting if an actor who looked something like Kavanaugh, recorded a 5-minute play where he said the exact word-for-word same things Kavanaugh said in his opening statement but substituted Dems with Repubs, Clintons with Kochs, left with right, and go ahead and make him black. Make videos of Republican focus groups watching it. #

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