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Tuesday, October 2, 2018
I’ve been developing a blogging system that uses Github as the backend. It’s end-user software, but also is extensible by developers. GIT is itself a distributed system. Shows promise re for-the-record writing.#
I don't see why an investigation is needed. Kavanaugh disqualified himself with these three paragraphs from his testimony on Thursday.#
Re Democrats ruining Kavanaugh's life -- The legal system ruins lots of lives. Kavanaugh isn't special. I'm sure he's ruined a few lives himself. We should have more sympathy and grace for the Supreme Court. Putting a openly partisan hack on the court means no one will respect its decisions in the future. Not presidents, not the military, not you and I.#
I'm now about as good in JavaScript as I was in C or Frontier. I make the same number of mistakes in my code in JS as in the other environments, but in Frontier, I cruised through most of the fixes in a fraction of the time it takes in JS. Debugging was much faster, the data was right there in a browsable, live-editable structure. I couldn't make a statement about that before because I wasn't as proficient in JS. #
Lindsey Graham makes a good point. Once a judge has committed perjury, it doesn't make sense to send him back into the courtroom. #

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