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Thursday, October 11, 2018
I just gave $25 to Stacey Abrams for Governor of Georgia. #
I also gave $25 to Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, to help make sure she is re-elected. Have a look at this list of all the candidates for Senator in 2018, with links to their ActBlue donation pages. #
Our big sin, which we will keep paying for, is that we fought two wars without a draft and while lowering taxes not raising them. War must cause pain at home. One way or another you eventually have to feel it. #
If you asked my father what Dave's favorite music is, he would have told you what his favorite music is, and (importantly) he'd think he's answering the question. If you ask someone why Dave works so hard, he'll tell you what he aspires to. He might say Dave does it to get rich. That wouldn't tell you anything about Dave, but it likely tells you something about him. This is important to understanding disputes, and is why listening is so important. For example, the US thought North Vietnam was fighting because they were part of a global communist alliance to defeat the west. The Domino Theory. Because we were at war against that. The Vietnamese were actually fighting a war of independence, and were puzzled why the US, a former colony that fought for its independence, was fighting them. Moral of the story: Unless you ask, you probably don't know why someone is doing what they do. #

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