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Thursday, October 25, 2018
Braintrust query: Do you build on the GitHub API?#
It's really interesting to read my blog on the day after the election in 2008. It was a transitional day, as the day after this Election Day will certainly be, one way or the other. #
Note to self. Fix the 404 page on The current version is too cute by a mile. #
I was thanked via email yesterday for my political posts on A funny thing for sure, because I was not aware that my blog posts appear there. I guess Manton must have hooked up my RSS feed to my account on his site. Or maybe I did it and forgot? Either way, it's good, the more people who can hear me the better. The magic of open formats and protocols at work. #
I would much prefer if we sent 800 students and teachers to the border to feed the refugees when they arrive. Give them new shoes, provided by Nike. Doctors and lawyers. Sing the Star Spangled Banner.#

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