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Thursday, November 8, 2018
About a protest about Trump firing Sessions. Too early. Let Congress do their job. Let the courts. If they fail, then a march will be huge. Right now, with the election just over, a big victory for the people, for oversight, for health care, the power of the people is just now settling in with our elected reps. The ones who are coming back should feel we have their back if they stand up to Trump. Right now the risk of failure of a protest is too high. It's just the wrong time. As Teddy Roosevelt said, speak softly and carry a big stick. The people are carrying. Clearly. We just spoke. Let's find out if they heard. #
I don't care who the White House lets into their press events. For a couple of reasons. I don't think any news org should send reporters to those events. Too much lying. But if they did, they should report on the lies as lies, not misrepresentations or whatever weasel words they use to describe the lies. And I especially don't care if CNN is there. I blame them for the Trump presidency. Journalism has to be done consciously. What Trump was doing in the years leading up to the 2016 election was terrorism. Race hate. Stuff that when/if we get past this will be illegal. It certainly was unethical for CNN to give Trump such coverage. Now the chickens have home to roost. You reap what you sow. Maybe if they're forced to sit outside of these supposed press conferences they'll reflect on what's really happening, and their role in it. A mea culpa going back to the beginning of Political Trump would help get me to listen to their side. But no such admission has come. Bottom line: I don't see what they do as journalism. #
With all possible humility, I wish pieces like the one I wrote yesterday about the election got more attention. 20 years ago (arrgh) I had a column in Wired that worked wonders. I think part of the reason blogging took off the way it did is because they gave me space to write about it every week. I've asked many people if they know any editors at major political pubs who might give me a column like that. For example, yesterday I wrote a piece that's highly contrarian but also I think more accurate than the account of the election that journalism put together. That will all soon be cemented as conventional wisdom. The time to get an idea in the mix is now past. My blog doesn't have enough pull to get into the conversation. Sadly, journalists only listen to other journalists, it seems. We're already three news cycles past the election, first there was the Sessions firing, Jim Acosta being outsted by the White House and the shooting in Southern California. But the lessons from the election are very important. Very important and being lost.#

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