It's even worse than it appears.
Friday, November 9, 2018
A rambling 22-minute podcast on the election. Why it's important to savor victory. There was a lot of good news in Tuesday's results. Feel the winning. The political system might be killing us, but America, underneath it all, is still America. Most important, by giving the House to a party that will do real oversight, we re-asserted the control by the people over the government. Whether you support Trump or not, this has to be seen as good. #
Obama should go on a victory tour now, hold rallies to drive home what we accomplished by showing up to vote. Host SNL. Visit with Jimmy Kimmel. Do an interview with the NYT. He's the one Democrat who can't be accused of campaigning for 2020. Solidify the message, we asked people to vote, and they did, and look what we accomplished. When I ran a company, I always made my sales people visit the distributors after we shipped a hit product. It wasn't for sales, it was to soak of the feeling of winning.#
Theory why Trump fired Sessions and appointed Whitaker now. They know Mueller is about to issue his report. They wanted to move first, do something, anything, to be able to say they were on top of it. It won’t work, he’s the Keystone Kops president.#
Are there any USB-C drives? I was sure there would be by now, but are there?? Can't find them on Amazon. What is USB-C good for?? (Update: LaCie has a 2TB portable USB-C drive. $90.)#

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