It's even worse than it appears.
Monday, November 12, 2018
William Gibson: "Very little 20th Century sf anticipated anything even remotely like what we must now recognize as the greatest single unanticipated effect of human technology." #
I've been making a lot of phone calls lately on my iPhone (6, iOS 12.1), and the volume on the calls is way too low. I have to force the phone to my ear and it still needs to be louder. I've turned the volume on the phone all the way up. What can I do? (Update: Heres'a a list of things I tried. I think the volume went up. I'll find out for sure on my next phone conversation.)#
A request for news media. If the president makes a proclamation re something he has no power over, that's the story, if you want to report anything. If you carry his proclamation as if he had the power, you're colluding. His excuse is he's corrupt. What's your excuse?#

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