It's even worse than it appears.
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
She's unpopular because the Repubs are scared of her.#
Pssst if you want to piss Trump off, at his next press conference fill the room with black women reporters.#
Yesterday Quartz announced a new membership-based publishing system, and today Jay Rosen announced a membership drive on behalf of De Correspondent, a Dutch-originated news org. Of course I know Jay from the podcast we did a few years ago, and Zach Seward is one of the top guys at Quartz, who I knew from Nieman Lab and also when I was at NYU. These are both smart people who have roots in blogging. However, both efforts have a limited view of the contributions of members. I wrote about this, tangentially, yesterday, about the line that separates us from journalism. That line is where the attention must focus. These are the small steps people rooted in journalism are comfortable with. The real problem imho remains making Sources Go Direct really work. News as-it-is is promoting the failure of democracy, not standing up for it. Imho of course, ymmv, I've been wrong before, my mother loves me, I am not a lawyer, etc. 💥#

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