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Saturday, November 17, 2018
So what does a Like mean here on Scripting News? It's a way to tell me that you saw what I wrote and found it likeable. It doesn't mean you necessarily agree. You're also registering your presence to other people who read this blog. Maybe it's more like a ping? Hmmm. I know the Like icon doesn't show up in your feed reader (maybe that can change) but it may be worth a trip to my blog if you want to say hi to me and others who read this blog. That's what it means. #
19-minute podcast on the ethos of listening to users, not passively but passionately as if your existence depends on it. Today imho, that's where journalism is at. It's not hard to do, but it's going to make journalism more competitive which is a good thing! 💥#
Thursday's Daily podcast, an interview with a newly elected Rep, is exactly what I'm looking for in journalism, in my podcast above. Journalism needs the kind of sensible overhaul that Spamberger is bringing to Congress (except I do not support replacing Pelosi, we're totally lucky to have her now).#
Trump is a mix of Being There, Idiocracy and Goodfellas.#
I am no longer watching TV coverage of Trump. That means no more MSNBC. When Mueller indicts or Congress investigates, or if he resigns, I'll be happy to watch. But I don't need any more on the depravity of El Orange. I know it all. And btw, so do you.#
New feature: The home page of my Likes server shows a list of URLs that you've liked. To see the list, click the Sign on Twitter button at the bottom of the page. There's a new version of the server with the call that returns this list. You can only see the items you've liked. The call requires an access token. Comments and questions welcome here. #
I've got a worknotes page for this project. #

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