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Monday, November 19, 2018
I did some work today on the XML-RPC debugger. Look in the Tests menu. It populates the form with one of the standard tests from the old days. It's also preconfigured to talk to, the same server we used in the late 90s, with all new code, written in JavaScript running in Node. Should be 100 percent backward compatible. More work to come, but wanted to show this to you all now. Ask questions here. #
July 1998: XML-RPC for Newbies.#
I changed my Twitter name to One more thing. Of course I stole that line from one of the best of all time. #
I have no idea what to do. This is a blog, I'm allowed to say that! 💥#
I can say what happened to Melo. He failed Linsanity. God came to his rescue. Gave him a player who was glad to be in the NBA, who would mold his game to make Melo the star that he was always capable of being. Melo didn't want anyone else in the spotlight. Goodbye Lin. Just imagine what the three guys in this picture could have done. The only thing in the way was Melo's hubris.#
I was searching for a story about friendship, about my friend Bodie who I was mouthing off to about a girlfriend, Kim, who was frustrating to me. I had posted it on a test site I was keeping at Berkman, a site that has since been deleted by them. However I moved it to my own server before they did that. Google indexed it, thankfully, and now I have a record of what I was thinking about that day. The piece was a remembrance of my uncle, Ken Kiesler, aka The Great VaVaVoom, or Uncle Vava. I can go right back there, to a day 15 years ago, the day after he died, suddenly, far away in Negril. That's how long it has been. His memory has faded for me. I haven't talked with him since then, I was beginning to live the part of my life where I never talk to him, but that day in 2003 his memory was still fresh. This is what blogging is for. I want these memories. I want the ability to tell my future self who I am today. #
Little known fact. My uncle was one of the first bloggers. Along with Dan Gillmor at the SJ Mercury-News, they were the first users of Manila. Ken had little idea that he was doing something new. That, to me, was a sign that we had hit the sweet spot. The little programming experience he had was as a college student in the early 60s at Carnegie-Mellon. This of course was very different. He wrote his blog from an internet cafe in Negril. I've kept his blog running all these years. Proud of it. #
I often think the Little Feat song Time Loves a Hero was about my uncle. #

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