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Wednesday, November 21, 2018
My next project is to find out how much life is left in XML-RPC.#
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Here's a new version of a client that runs the standard XML-RPC test suite from the late 90s. In theory if an implementation passed the test 18 years ago, it should still pass it today. Consider this a ping asking the question Are You There? If you use or maintain an implementation of XML-RPC, please try the test and report the result in this thread. From this we'll start to rebuilt the XML-RPC clients list, showing only ones that are known to be alive. #
Here's a video demo of the XML-RPC test suite.#
My two Torino friends. The magnificent Anna Masera, and the insurgent Raffaele Angius. #
The Knicks season is now fully underway. We are at the point where when you look at the schedule the thought forms "Who are the Knicks going to lose to tonight?"#
Sports has so many lessons for life. Melo should have accepted, even embraced Linsanity. And the rest of us must stand behind Nancy Pelosi, because we need a winner on top of the Democratic Party during the presidential election year of 2020. We can't fuck around now. Trump must be sent on his way, resoundingly. #

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