It's even worse than it appears.
Monday, December 17, 2018
I watched a bit of political news this evening. They say people are overloaded with news about Trump. I don't think that's what's really going on. Instead, Trump being a mobster is "priced-into" his public image. You all are just reporting the same story over and over. That gets boring. It is significant that he's a mob boss. The tragedy is that we can't seem to do anything about it. #
I was looking forward to Vice, but now that the reviews are in, maybe not. #
When I was a grad student, Knuth's book on algorithms was our handbook. His "boundary tag method" was the design I used for Frontier's object database. #
This is a tool I will use a lot for the right margin images. Removing backgrounds is tricky, sometimes impossible, by hand. #
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